Bring Your Own Plant

At DoSpace we really like forests but being based in cities and buildings where we don't have much outdoor land. Our solution.... bring the forests indoors!
DoSpace has invested in larges trees which you can see in the midst of our desks (see here). Our BYO plant policy is that every member must bring a plant with them for or near their desk, it's one of our few requests. It has been proven that the air in office environments can be toxic but a simple plant on the desk makes cleaner air for everyone. What is even better is that it will make you 15% more productive and happier! We are more then happy to provide advice on plants or if you want to get creative and do something bigger let us known and we might do something together.

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Free Canine Membership

We love dogs at DoSpace and want you to share in our amazing spaces. Canines even get free membership :) as long as you and your owner agree to the following:

  • Use your indoor voice and your outdoor potty.

  • Be gentle and loving to both humans and other dogs.

  • Allow your owner to brush you at least once a week and bathe you regularly— especially during shedding season.

  • Bring a bed, pillow or blanket to lay on while you cowork.

  • Make every effort to not wander while your owner is coworking.

  • Remind your owner to wash your bed/blanket/pillow once a month.

  • Understand that common areas are off limits to you. (This includes the conference rooms and kitchen.)

  • Remind your owner to vacuum your office or work space at least once a week, and more often if you are a turbo-shedder. (You know who you are.)

  • Remind your owner to wash off your nose and paw prints from doors/windows once a week.

If any dog growls at, nips, bites or lunges at any other dog or human member they will be asked to stay at home.
If any member has severe allergies to dogs or dogs misbehave, canine memberships will be suspended.

Ma-Pa-Ternity Leave

CoWorking is all about work life balance and children are an important part of that balance. Here at DoSpace we have a maternity and paternity policy that mean if you have or adopt a child you may take up to a three month payment holiday and still keep your desk (and personal effects in your space). When you return you will have your desk back like you never left.

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Dos-Pače Beer

Every space should have it's own craft brew and here at DoSpace we have Dos-Pače. Dos-Pače is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) that we routinly tweak the recipy on to mature as our space does. Every Keg we have a quick questioneire and brain storming session to see how we can enhance it before sending our feedback to the brewer and receiving our new keg. Our beer lives with our space.

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Coworking Visa

DoSpace CoWorking is part of a worldwide alliance with over 450 other coworking spaces. Through this alliance any DoSpace member may work in any other coworking space for up to three days. All you need to do is let your community manager know where you want to work and they will sort it for you. Your community manager will generally need about a weeks notice.

Space desk workspace coworking
Space desk workspace coworking

Social club

The DoSpace Sports and Social Club (S&S Club) is made up and run by our members. Each member pays ten euro a month to be part of and DoSpace matches this funding. Every month we have a big event from things like Kayaking on the liffy to going to matchs, tag rugby and full on Christmas parties. If you want to join or even better be on the committee just chat to any of the other committee members. They are easy to find!